Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

An education should empower a child and help them make a positive contribution to our world.

At Pinnacle Academy, our Early Childhood Education program consists of a strong theoretical framework to deliver a high-quality education to young children. We emphasize appropriate teaching practices and expected learning outcomes for our students. Children may look like they are playing, but they are actually hard at work, learning various life skills in a hands-on way!

Each month, we focus on a different theme and highlight a specific concept each day. The day consists of stories, math, motor play, meaningful conversation, the integration of technology, and so much more! We take regular field trips, visit Oakton Library, and invite older students in to lend a learning hand – a unique aspect not offered at a standalone preschool.

Preschool with Mrs. Aslan and Mrs. Obaid

Mrs. Aslan grew up in Turkey and studied Art at Marmara University in Istanbul. She has been teaching since 2004 and is skilled with mixed age groups (ages 3-5). Her two sons are current or former students of Pinnacle Academy!

Mrs. Obaid is on her 4th year teaching at Pinnacle Academy. She has a background in Computer Science and Physics, and loves helping children reach their dreams.

Pre-Kindergarten with Mrs. Haun and Mrs. Grijalva

Mrs. Haun is a Psychology graduate from George Mason University with a passion for Early Childhood Education. She has taught Preschool for 10 years! Mrs. Haun is currently pursuing her CDA certification to help advance her practice. She encourages self-expression and believes in Piaget’s theory of play-based learning combined with Vygotsky’s theory of scaffolding. 

Mrs. Grijalva is from Lima, Peru and came to the United States when she was 8 years old. She graduated from the North America Montessori Center and has 6 years of experience in Early Childhood Education.