Middle and High School

Middle and High School

At Pinnacle Academy, our 6th through 9th graders undergo a rigorous curriculum.

Offered topics include:

      • Math: Algebra I through AP Calculus
      • Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences
      • English, using a wide of range of selected texts
      • Social Studies: the American Civil War to Modern History
      • Foreign Languages, choosing between Spanish and Turkish
      • Computer Science, from algorithms to “hacking”
      • Art, of a wide variety of cultures

Highlights include:

      • Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
      • Computer Science beginning in 6th grade
      • National Merit Honor Society
      • Academic-oriented extracurricular activities, such as Science Olympiad and Model UN.

Our high school program features:

      • Dual-enrollment college courses through our partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)
      • STEM: AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics
      • Humanities: AP English, AP Government, and AP History
      • Electives: Computer Graphics, Photography, AP Psychology, and PLTW Engineering
      • On-site SAT prep classes

Admissions testing is held every Monday morning as well as the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month.

English with Mrs. Jones

Ms. Gabriella Jones has 8 years of Language Arts teaching experience, holds a Master of Education from Nova Southeastern University, and has a limitless enthusiasm for Literature and the Performing Arts.

In this course, all English materials are tied to the reading selections each class covers. In other words, our PSAT preparation, word study, academic writing, and grammar standards interconnect within each unit, providing an all-encompassing English experience for our young scholars.

The following academic texts will be used for the 2017-2018 school year:

    • 6th grade: The Castle in the Attic; The Giver; The Neverending Story; I Will Always Write; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; Tuck Everlasting
    • 7th grade: The Outsiders; The Hound of the Baskervilles; The Light in the Forest; Tom Sawyer; A Collection of Poe– His Short Stories and Poems; The Hobbit
    • 8th grade: The Time Machine; To Kill a Mockingbird; Beowulf; Hamlet; Animal Farm; Our Town; A Raisin in the Sun; Of Mice and Men
    • 9th grade: The Lord of the Flies; Frankenstein; Macbeth; A Lesson Before Dying; The Pearl; 1984

Mathematics with Mr. Ferhat

Mathematics with Ms. Sarikaya

Together, Mr. Ferhat and Ms. Sarikaya teach math to our 6th through 9th graders.

Students take Algebra 1 as early as 6th grade, culminating with Precalculus in 9th grade.

Science with Mr. Yilar

Mr. Yilar is on his fourth year teaching science at Pinnacle Academy. He devotes a TON of time into after-school STEM activities, including Future City, FIRST Lego League, and Science Olympiad. He also appreciate sports: he hikes, is a horseback rider, and is the first to join a pick-up basketball game with his students.

Social Studies with Mrs. Yager

Mrs. Yager grew up in New York City and graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Education and History. STEM has always been a passion for her, and incorporating it into her Social Studies lessons creates real-life connections for students.

Social Studies topics for the 2017-2018 school year:

    • 6th grade, American History: This class covers American history from 1865 to the present day. We place a focus on their social, political, and economic causes and effects, influential individuals, and trends in U.S. history.
    • 7th grade, World History: Students build an understanding of cross-cultural connections that relate to our world today. We study both broad themes and specific events with far-reaching effects.
    • 8th grade, Civics: Students learn about the role of government and how individual citizens can participate.
    • 9th grade, World History: This class focuses on major turning points that helped shape the modern world, the rise of democratic ideas, and the historical roots of current world issues. Time periods range from ancient history, the late 18th century, and the cause and course of World Wars I and II. Current world issues are related to their historical, geographic, political, economic, and cultural contexts.

In our recently launched high school program, we partner with Northern Virginia Community College to have our 9th-12th graders take college courses. This is a step above dual enrollment – our students attend NOVA as full-time students.

For the Fall 2017 semester, out of our 20 Early College Students, 3 made the President’s List (3.75+ GPA), 12 made the Dean’s List (3.50+ GPA), and all are in Good Standing. Imagine that – our high school students performing at a college level!

Additionally, we have on-site resources and a dedicated tutor to prepare our students for standardized tests such as the SAT or get additional help with a tough course.