Special Topics

Special Topics

Computer Science with Mr. Shane

Technology is the future. This class will prepare you for that future. Pinnacle Academy offers Computing starting in Preschool and Computer Science starting in 6th grade. We want our students to become so familiar with technology that they can seriously consider a career in engineering early in their lives.

Our guiding questions:

Pre-S, Pre-K What is a computer?
K, 1st How do I use a computer?
2nd, 3rd What can I use a computer for?
4th, 5th How can computers be relevant to me?
6th How are computers used in the real world?
7th What do we want to use computers for?
8th How can we tell the computer what to do?

Beginner students
become comfortable with a computer and its various uses. Activities include:

      • Touch typing with closed eyes
      • Recording and editing audio
      • Using the search bar to find anything spellable

Intermediate students will learn how to tie computers to their personal interests and be introduced to the logical thinking behind coding. Examples include: 

      • Using Piskel to understand how computers render images
      • Composing music using Online Sequencer
      • Planning a scavenger hunt using Google Maps

Advanced students will learn about real-world applications of varying software, game design in Scratch, and programming in Python. Topics might include:

      • Algorithms behind image storage, Pokémon, and hacking (yes, hacking)
      • Tracking the stock market in real-time
      • AP Computer Science topics, such as binary search

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Turkish with Mrs. Teber