Music & Visual Arts

Our visual arts program provides students with a broad range of experiences with many forms of art making, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and graphic design. All students create 2D & 3D artwork using a wide variety of media, techniques, and other materials. Students have the opportunity to present and discuss their work, and discuss the art of other cultures and how culture and art influence each other.

In visual arts classes, students learn to think creatively, problem solve, use their imagination and self-expression, evaluate and critique, and gain valuable intrinsic lessons such as respect for themselves, others, and the value of creativity and orginality. 

Pre-K through 8th Grade general music classes are performance-based, interactive classes designed to give students the opportunity to experience music in many ways. Students build their music literacy skills by learning the fundamentals of music theory, composition, and history. Students experience music as through group and solo performances. 

Computer Science

Computer Science with Mr. Celik

View our technology showcase here.

Technology is the future. This class will prepare you for that future. Pinnacle Academy offers Computing starting in Preschool and Computer Science starting in 6th grade. We want our students to become so familiar with technology that they can seriously consider a career in engineering early in their lives.

Beginner students become comfortable with a computer and its various uses. Activities include:

  • Touch typing with closed eyes
  • Recording and editing audio
  • Using the search bar to find anything spellable

Intermediate students will tie computers to their personal interests and be introduced to the logical thinking behind coding. Examples include: 

  • Using Piskel to understand how computers render images
  • Replicating the technology behind moving pictures
  • Programming a simple AI that can hold a short conversation

Advanced students will learn about real-world applications of varying software, game design in Scratch, and programming in Python. Topics might include:

  • Algorithms behind image storage, Pokémon, and hacking (yes, hacking)
  • Programming a text-based game similar to The Oregon Trail (1990)
  • AP Computer Science topics, such as binary search

World Languages

All Pinnacle Academy students in grades KG through 10 are offered a choice between Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic language classes. In high school, students are also able to take an Honors Language Class for high school credit. Our language teachers are highly qualified and enjoy engaging our students in daily conversations, as well as teaching them songs, poetry, and cultural sayings and phrases.