• Dr. Seshaiyer
  • Dr. Bicak
  • Eleanor Saslaw

Dr. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer is a tenured Professor of Mathematical Sciences at George Mason University and serves as the Director of the STEM Accelerator Program at George Mason University as well as the Director of COMPLETE (Center for Outreach in Mathematics Professional Learning and Educational Technology) at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. His research interests are in the broad areas of computational mathematics, scientific computing, computational biomechanics and STEM education. During the last decade, Dr. Seshaiyer initiated and directed a variety of educational programs including graduate and undergraduate research, K-12 outreach, teacher professional development, and enrichment programs to foster the interest of students and teachers in STEM at all levels. During this time he received multiple grants from several agencies, including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, Whitaker Foundation, Texas Advanced Research Program, Virginia Department of Education, and State Council for Higher Education in Virginia. In addition to his research accomplishments, Dr. Seshaiyer contributed extensively to teaching and won several prestigious awards, including the President’s Excellence Award in Teaching which is the highest award for teaching offered at two different institutions. He has delivered keynote and plenary talks at several meetings. He is also one of the Nifty-Fifty speakers for the USA Science and Engineering Festival and also has given a TEDx talk. In 2013 he was elected both as a new Councilor for the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research as well as the US National Commission for Mathematics Instruction by the National Academy of Science.

His research includes the development of new  analytical techniques and efficient computational algorithms to obtain  numerical solutions to differential equations describing multi-physics  interactions. His research in Computational biomechanics includes  developing, extending and applying mathematics for the purposes of better  understanding the physiology and pathophysiology of the human vascular  system. Integrated with the research plan is an education plan where  the primary goal is to teach students and teachers at all levels to apply well-developed  research concepts, to fundamental applications arising in STEM  disciplines.

Dr. Ali Bicak is an experienced researcher, trainer, and systems/software engineer with a strong background in computer networks and information security. Prior to joining the faculty at Marymount, he held positions with the Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research and TeleniX Corporation in Maryland, and the National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology in Turkey.

Dr. Bicak is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with professional experience in design, development, and technical support of network systems. At Marymount, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in computer networks and information security. His research interests include routing and security issues in wireless and peer-to-peer networks, discrete mathematics, and cryptology.

Dr. Bicak’s recent publications include “A Conceptual Model for Data Management and Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Systems” in Journal of Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, and “Autonomous Actor Positioning in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks using Stable-Matching” in International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems, with Dr. Akkaya et al.

Eleanor Saslaw was appointed to the State Board by Governor Terry McAuliffe to begin a four-year term July 1, 2014.

A licensed professional counselor, she began her career as a teacher in the Fairfax County school system.

She would later serve as president of the Virginia Counselors Association where she trained counselor lobbyists to work for educational and career education goals in Congress and the Virginia General Assembly.

In 2004, she was appointed to the Virginia State Board of Education and served as its president from 2010 to 2012.Saslaw has won numerous awards including the Friend of School Psychologists Award (2011) and Counselor of the Year (1998 and 1994). She has a master’s degree in secondary counseling and a bachelor’s degree in social studies education.She serves as liaison to Patrick Henry and Rappahannock community colleges.