Australian Embassy Visits Pinnacle

Mr. Rory Linehan, the Policy and Outreach Director at the American Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C. visited Pinnacle Academy today to receive the over $700 our middle school students raised to support the wildfire damage restoration efforts in Australia.

Our students, with the help of their parent mentors, worked tirelessly to plan, organize, and run the bake sale in the school. Student led projects such as this allow our students to choose causes that are important to them, embrace and display empathy, and helps them broaden their world views to one that is increasingly holistic and encompasses all those in need.

This event takes our Puma Pride to the next level and we are very proud of their hard work and dedication to those who suffered from the wildfires. We also extend a special thank you to Mr. Linehan from the Australian Embassy for coming to visit our school and give our students a presentation on the devastation left by the fires and allowing them to see how much their contributions will help.

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Mrs. Lyndsey

My name is Lyndsey, and I am the academic principal at Pinnacle Academy. I have been in the field of education since 2000. I am thrilled to meet you and your children in person.