High School

High School Application Procedures


Applicants must submit the Application Form and all the Supporting Documents (Teacher Recommendations, Parent and Student Questionnaires) by March 18, 2019. After the deadline, applications will be reviewed and admitted on a rolling basis until all spaces are filled.

Application Fee

The application fee is $100.00 and can be paid by check or credit card.

School Visit and Interview**

Applicants will take part in a school visit and interview. The school visit and the interview will be scheduled after the Application Form is submitted.


Applicants are required to take an on-site MAP* test in the areas of Math, Reading and Science. The testing will be scheduled after the Application Form is submitted.

Teacher Recommendations

Applicants must submit two teacher recommendations.  These confidential forms can be completed online by the student’s current Math and English teachers.

School Transcripts**

Applicants are required to submit transcripts for the current and previous year. Applicants should request that these official records be sent to Pinnacle Academy by submitting the Transcript Request Form to their child’s current school. The school will mail the transcript directly to Pinnacle Academy.

Parent and Applicant Questionnaires

Applicants must complete the Student Questionnaire. Parents or Guardians of applicants must complete the Parent Questionnaire.

*MAP, or the Measure of Academic Progress, is a computerized adaptive test which is provided by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).

** Not required for current Pinnacle Academy students.