PA Future City Team did not surprise us

Breaking News!

Pinnacle Academy  Received the Third Place in the Regional Competition!

PA Future City Team did not surprise us and their hard work and commitment paid off again. Coach Cil and his students have worked on a new city concept which would be constructed 100 years from now, which attracted a lot of attention from the judges and the attendees. 

Our students received 4 different awards and received the 3rd place award among all the schools participating from the Mid-Atlantic Region. Kudos to Coach Cil and all his students in the team!

Yesterday was the MLK day and we had a great opportunity to talk to our students. In many occasions, it may be considered as an important day in the history of civil movement in US and but indeed it is a great opportunity for all to recognize the importance of the values that Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X kind of leaders have introduced to America and their impacts.

Our children needs to understand that these values are universally accepted ones that all ethnic, religious, racial backgrounds need to embrace. All human beings must respect all other human beings regardless. Unfortunately, it sometimes has been misinterpreted that those values were defended by the African American leaders for the African American people. Those are the values that needed by every single human being on earth, at al times; like water and oxygen…

Last Friday we had another fundraiser event at Pinnacle. The Blossom Together Parent Night out event. Our students have supervised around 25 students while their families had an opportunity to enjoy some time without children. Congrats to them on this fun and effective activity.

Last Saturday we hosted another great event; the Annual Science Fair at Pinnacle Academy. The entire auditorium was filled with projects, judges, staff and tons of energy. And we held the award ceremony today. Our winning students will be representing us at the regional level competitions in May. Congrats to all our winners on their success.

We will host our parent teacher conferences this coming Friday and all families are invited. Please come and learn about our initiatives and activities to help our students to grow and glow. Besides, check to see what else you can do as partner on our students’ learning process.

Last but not the least, the flu is all around the place. Please make sure to watch your children carefully and remind them to consume as much fluid as possible and wash their hands at all necessary times.

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Mrs. Lyndsey

My name is Lyndsey, and I am the academic principal at Pinnacle Academy. I have been in the field of education since 2000. I am thrilled to meet you and your children in person.