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Early College Program

Pinnacle Academy understands the challenging tasks and environment high school students will face when they enter College or University. They are confident in their curriculum, teachers, facilities, and learning strategies in preparing their learners towards the Tertiary Level of Education.

However, Pinnacle Academy still wants more for their students. They want their learners to get a first time experience of what College life is. In order to make this happen, they made a partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) to have the courses for their grades 9 to 12 in their institution.

Pinnacle Academy made this bold move because they want the best for their learners. Likewise, they also believe that experience is the best teacher, so their learners need to feel challenging arena of College.

Benefits of the Early College Program

The Early College Program developed by the school provides several benefits for its students. Some of these benefits which your kids will experience are listed below:

  • It is a good training ground for high school students to get an outstanding GPA mark.
  • It is a good credential to have in the transcript of records of the students.
  • If your child performs well, there are several scholarships to avail of for college.
  • It allows your child to have a genuine experience of college life and how they should effectively handle it.

Early College Program: How it Works

In order for your child to avail of this program, the student must first meet the requirements mandated by Northern Virginia Community College. If your child meets all the requirements, he or she will receive a recommendation letter from Pinnacle Academy’s School Head for enrolment of the Early College Program.

Once the student has been successfully enrolled, the student will undergo counseling about the courses offered in the program. Likewise, the student is entitled to constant assistance for the whole duration of the program.

To stay within the program, the student must maintain a grade of B and higher. Moreover, the student must keep constant and updated communication to one’s parents regarding his status inside the school.

Courses Offered in the 9th Grade Early College Program

The student gets a chance to experience a genuine college life as early as grade nine. The subject courses offered for grade nine in this program as compared to the courses offered in college.

These subject courses include the following: Algebra II, English 9, World History and Geography I, Biology, Foreign Language I and II, Physical Education and Health, PLTW Introduction to Engineering, SDV 100-NOVA, and Public Speaking NOVA.

Services Offered by Pinnacle Academy for the Early College Program

For you to further understand what your child is getting from this program, we have this section to show you what is offered by Pinnacle Academy to its learners in this Early College Program.

  • Every High School Student will have a Naviance account guidance and development
  • The student will meet up with the admin twice a month and discuss things about the NOVA courses
  • The student will have a constant SAT practice exam to diagnose its weak points and reinforce them
  • The student will enjoy a C2 Education Private Tutoring company to prepare him for exams
  • The student will have a yearly training for PSAT
  • Pinnacle Academy shall provide transportation for the student traveling back and forth to NOVA
  • The student will enjoy group tutorial sessions
  • There will also be some forum at NOVA to settle any conflicts or issues in the future

Pinnacle Academy Class Statistics and SAT Scores

Students from Pinnacle Academy have performed effectively in this Early College Program. This great performance can be reflected in the SAT scores and class standing of their enrolled students in NOVA.

In terms of SAT scores, students from Pinnacle had an average score of 1337 which is 254 points higher than the national average SAT score. In comparison to Virginia’s overall SAT score, Pinnacle is 242 points higher. Moreover, it is 150 points higher than Fairfax’s overall SAT score.

Meanwhile, looking at the class standing of students from Pinnacle, half of the student population in the Early College Program for 2018 had a GPA rating of 4.5 plus. Whereas, the remaining half of them had GPA ratings between 3.5+ to 4.5.

Based on these results, we can say that Pinnacle Academy has been effective in promoting learnings and skills to their students.

Wrap Up

Now, we are done sharing with you the details and benefits of Pinnacle’s Early College Program. We see it as a great tool in allowing our students to get a firsthand experience of what college life is going to be.

We believe that a strong foundation from elementary, middle school and high school is important towards securing your child’s performance, competencies, and confidence in college.

If you have any further inquiries or comments, please feel free to contact us at your most convenient time. We will make sure to get back to you at the shortest turnaround time.

We hope and look forward to the bright future of your children.

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