Private Middle Schools

Elementary education is the basic foundation for all learners before embarking on a higher degree of learning. Once the learner finishes elementary education and qualifies for moving up, the next course is Middle School.

Parents have several options for sending their kids off to Middle Schools, but the two major options are Public and Private Middle Schools. A huge percentage of the population is sending their children to public school because of the lower tuition fees.

However, parents today are slowly shifting their mindset when it comes to private schools. Indeed, there is a higher upfront cost but what is cost versus the quality of the future for your kids.

Quality education in securing the future of our children is a priceless gift we could give to them.

Private Middle Schools in the United States

Based on the 2015-2016 report of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the United States has around 132,853 K-12 academic institutions.

From these numbers, 26,986 of it are Secondary Schools. This makes the Secondary Level of Education hit the second spot for the large population of academic institutions in the United States.

Enrollment in Private Middle Schools

The growth of population is an observable phenomenon for any country in the world. Alongside, there is also a rising issue on the capacity of public schools to cater to the huge incoming student population and the maintenance of quality education.

In the United States, approximately 56.6 million students are expected to enroll in the primary and secondary education level by the end of 2018. From this population, 5.9 million of them are enrolling in private schools to avoid the hassle and competition for getting the slots in public schools.

Pinnacle Academy Middle School

Pinnacle Academy is one of the private academic institutions in the United States which offers quality, safe, and dynamic learning environment for fostering Secondary Level of Education.

The school, its teachers, and non-teaching staff are efficiently and effectively promoting quality curriculum which is further reinforced by its mission and vision principles.

Pinnacle Academy’s Middle School handles grade levels from sixth to ninth. Unlike the Elementary Education, learners in this stage are trained with various subjects with a higher requirement of cognitive skills. Likewise, different teachers are handling specific subjects to promote specialization of course and to prepare them for college.

Moreover, to enhance learning, the school and its teachers have taken the initiative to incorporate technology in their teaching strategies. Each of their students is equipped with a school Chromebook which utilizes Google Drive and Google Classroom resources for a more dynamic and exciting learning experience.

The Middle School Program of Pinnacle Academy offers a dynamic curriculum which can be subdivided into three groups:

Basic Middle School Subjects

The school offers seven major groups of subjects for their middle school learners. The seven major subject courses are the following: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Computer Science, and the Arts.

In each of the seven major subject courses, are specific topics which shall be taught to the learners. This mixture of topics is already a stepping stone for the students to be trained mentally and emotionally.

Highlighted Projects

Aside from the fundamental subjects, Pinnacle Academy also has an array of highlighted projects for their students to accomplish. These projects include Project Lead the Way (PLTW), Computer Science in the sixth grade, National Merit Honor Society, and other extracurricular activities.

These projects aim to enhance the skills of the learners when it comes to practical applications of learning in real-life situations. Pinnacle Academy sees the need to balance cognitive learning and real-life application skills.

Other Secondary Level Program Features

Pinnacle Academy always had in mind that middle school is a critical part of a child’s learning experience. This is because the middle school serves as a bridge between elementary and high school education.

If a child’s middle school foundation is weak, there is a high risk that the student will have a difficult time upon reaching the high school level. Moreover, without proper guidance and reinforcement, the child will further suffer in college.

In Pinnacle Academy, some of its specialized program offerings are in preparation for high school which includes SAT review classes, STEM, Humanities, Elective course, and a partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).

Globally Competitive Teachers

Aside from great and updated facilities and equipment, Pinnacle Academy’s vital asset is its globally competitive teachers. The teachers are a great resource for any school because they are the ones to mold the child in becoming a functional and disciplined member of the society.

Pinnacle Academy is well-equipped with its array of teachers for the middle school.

Mrs Gabriela Jones

She is the passionate English teacher for grade levels six to nine of the Pinnacle Academy. Mrs Jones has been in the teaching industry for almost eight years and graduated in Language Arts in college. Likewise, she also holds a Master’s degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University.

Mr Ferhat and Ms Sarikaya

These two enthusiastic math geeks are the ones training the kids in their Algebra to Precalculus course from grade six to nine. Both of them work hand-in-hand in creating a motivating and fun learning experience in math.

Mr Yilar

He has been with Pinnacle Academy for four consecutive years already. Students from all year levels in the middle school are clearly amazed at Mr Yilar’s passion and effort towards teaching STEM and all relevant science courses.

Mr Morse

He has been in the field of teaching Social Sciences for Middle School for quite some time. Students love how Mr Morse imparts learnings from the past can be applied to current real-life scenarios. If history bores you, Mr Morse will definitely make you think otherwise.

Wrap Up

This is Pinnacle Academy’s Elementary School, and hopefully, we were able to share with you our mission of creating a conducive and effective learning environment for your children.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always welcome and happy to answer any of your concerns regarding your child’s learning.

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Mrs. Lyndsey

My name is Lyndsey, and I am the academic principal at Pinnacle Academy. I have been in the field of education since 2000. I am thrilled to meet you and your children in person.