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Pinnacle Academy is a nonprofit, accredited, independent STEAM school
from Preschool - 12th grade, focused on Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts and Math.

Pinnacle Academy is a nonprofit, accredited, private STEAM school from Preschool - 12th grade nestled in Northern Virginia


Pinnacle Academy offers a rigorous curriculum with top-notch resources.
  • Small class sizes
  • Chromebooks & technology  in classrooms
  • Math & science concentrations
  • Algebra 1 and Computer Science starting in 6th grade
  • Early foreign languages


Pinnacle Academy provides a wide array of activities to enhance student learning opportunities.
  • Weekly after-school clubs
  • School-wide science fairs & science exploration days
  • Multi-grade computer, English, & math competitions
  • Local & out-of-state field trips
  • SAT courses


Pinnacle Academy boasts of a highly motivated staff dedicated to the school community.

  • Qualified professionals
  • Home visits
  • After-school office hours for students & parents
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Teacher-sponsored after-school clubs


Pinnacle Academy encourages students to challenge themselves through academic competitions.
  • Future City & First Lego League (FLL)
  • MathCounts & AMC8
  • National Geographic, Spelling & History Bee
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Science Olympiad


Pinnacle Academy encourages students to challenge themselves through academic competitions.













Northern Virginia, also called Nova, is composed of several stand-alone cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2018, they have a population of around 3,149,413 which is approximately 36.97 percent of the general population of Virginia.

The quality of education in Virginia has improved dramatically both in the public and private academic institutions. In the last three years, the total number of enrollees is around 1,290,576. Furthermore, among the general student population, approximately 91.60 percent have graduated on-time.

With the overall improvement in their educational system, the proficiency level of their student population in reading, math, science, and social studies have increased significantly. In the past three years, the proficiency levels of their students for the four major fields are 79%, 77%, 81%, and 84 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, comparing public and private schools, both provide quality education with some differences in between. For the public schools, you will be able to save more money, yet your children will be competing in a huge student population where there is very little chance of getting enough teacher assistance.

In contrast, private schools’ main setback is higher tuition fee. However, the premium price you will be paying is for your children to have sufficient assistance with the teacher and the quality equipment and facility provided by the school.

Looking back at Northern Virginia, there are around 1,016 private academic institutions for 2018 to 2019, which catered around 146,317 learners. In terms of tuition fee, the average cost among private elementary schools is $11,059 while for the secondary level is roughly $16,513.

In terms of acceptance rate, private schools’ improved significantly up to 84 percent. Likewise, another benefit of getting your kids in private schools is the fewer student population, approximately 10:1 student to teacher ratio. Around 24 percent of enrollees are coming from small minority groups.

Similar to other academic institutions, private schools are affiliated with several religious organizations, mostly Baptist and Christians. This ensures a higher chance that your children develop better value system and morality.

In addition, in Northern Virginia, there are a variety of private schools to choose from.

  • 743 Preschools
  • 164 private academic institutions providing summer educational program
  • 111 Montessori institutions
  • 17 All-male private schools
  • 16 All-female private schools
  • 42 Blue Ribbon private schools

Affordable Private Schools in Northern Virginia

Among the 1,016 private schools in Northern Virginia, Pinnacle Academy is one of the most cost-efficient schools providing excellent quality of education at a reasonable cost.

The general tuition fee for one student enrolling in their Preschool to the 12th-grade curriculum is $13,500. Fortunately, if the number of kids you enroll increase; Pinnacle gives a sufficient discount starting from 5 percent to 17 percent up to the fifth kid you will be enrolling in the school.

Furthermore, if you do an early enrollment, Pinnacle provides a good discount as well starting from 7 percent for one student enrolled. Likewise, you will also receive a $500 discount on your tuition fee if you have successfully referred one student and make them enroll in Pinnacle.

Meanwhile, Pinnacle Academy will also facilitate the application and processing of those families who would like to avail the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST).

Consequently, these benefits help parents save a lot in the tuition fees of their children for availing quality education. This makes Pinnacle Academy a cost-efficient private school for your kids.

Private Elementary Schools in Northern Virginia

In Virginia, there are around 173 private elementary schools to choose from. The general tuition fee for private elementary school is around $11,059 where it ranges between $1,155 to $63,000.

These private academic institutions have a wide variety which can be affiliated by specific religions, independent ones, or a Montessori type. Having a direct comparison among different private elementary school will not be easy for each has its respective levels of identity, advantages and setbacks.

In general, private elementary schools cater to grade levels between kindergarten to fifth or sixth grade. This definitely varies between private schools as they have greater academic freedom compared to state-funded schools.

Private STEAM Elementary Schools Northern Virginia

Several private schools are already shifting from STEM to STEAM curriculum and Pinnacle Academy is one of them. The main purpose of the STEAM curriculum is to produce graduates that are highly capable of dealing with technical works in a creative and innovative manner.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Pinnacle realized that merely enhancing the skills and knowledge of their students in the four major fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) will not provide a holistic development.

Eventually, STEAM elevates the level of development incurred in the STEM curriculum. Using arts and innovation, learners and graduates are more capable of creating functional and aesthetic applications of their learning. It aims to direct students in creative dialogue, critical thinking, and inquiry.

Private Middle School Northern Virginia

In comparison with other private middle schools, Pinnacle Academy offers a competitive and rigorous curriculum to provide sufficient training in preparing the students to go for the Early College Program, in replacement of the high school.

The middle school program of Pinnacle starts from sixth grade up to the ninth grade. The learning materials used for teaching include applications and software of Google such as Google Drive and Google Classroom. Likewise, they used appropriate tools for their specialized courses.

The standard subjects offered in their middle school curriculum include Algebra I, Life and Earth Science, English, Social Studies, Foreign Languages (Turkish and Spanish), Computer Science, and the Arts.

Meanwhile, the highlight courses incorporated in Pinnacle are the following: National Merit Honor Society, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), Computer Science (starting from sixth grade), and other extracurricular activities. These courses were included in order to also develop the skills of the learners in other practical fields.

What’s next after their middle school?

In Pinnacle Academy, they recognize the need and importance for their students to experience what college feels like. In order to do this, Pinnacle replaced its high school program with an Early College Program in partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).

What are the benefits of this Early College Program?

  • If the student performs well, this can be a good asset in making your transcript easily accepted in Colleges or Universities.
  • A good performance in this program can provide a better chance of availing scholarships for College.
  • Good training ground for SAT and Admission test for college
  • Provides a substantial college experience for high school students

Private Preschool Northern Virginia

In Virginia, there are approximately 122 private preschools offering various curriculums suitable for different learners. In terms of tuition fee, the average price range between $1,155 to $30,270. In addition, around 105,900 learners are enrolled in preschool last school year 2018 to 2019.

Preschool is the first step towards the greatness of any learner. It is where the student gradually departs from the secure and comfortable zone of their parents. Consequently, any preschool must provide a safe, secure, and fun-learning atmosphere for their learners.

What are some of the benefits of letting your child go to preschool?

  • The first step of a child’s learning experience
  • The first place for a child to develop social communication skills with other students
  • Exposure of the learner to various academic and extracurricular activities
  • The first step for a child to develop a routine of activities and habits
  • The first step of any child to develop self-esteem

Private Kindergarten Northern Virginia

Preschool and kindergarten may seem to be the same but they are actually different. In terms of age, children ages 2 to 4 years are the ones entering preschool while those ages 4 to 5 years are the ones administered for kindergarten.

In 2018, there are about 743 private schools offering kindergarten and preschools in Virginia. On average, the tuition fee for kindergarten range between $1,155 to $30,270 for one year.

Kindergarten provides more learning structure for the learners compared when they were still in preschool. This level of education allows the learners to start to develop their skills in English, both speaking and writing.

Best Private Preschool Northern Virginia

Choosing the right private school for your children becomes more challenging because of the numerous options available. Likewise, there are several variables you need to consider upon choosing such as location, financial capacity, facilities, equipment, curriculum, and teachers.

Among the several private schools in Northern Virginia, Pinnacle Academy is considered as one of the best academic institutions offering a rigorous and versatile curriculum.

There are several things to like from Pinnacle Academy and this can be outlined into four things:

  • Pinnacle offers a STEAM curriculum for its learners which help them enhance their skills in critical thinking, inquiry, and conversing. Likewise, in replacement of their high school, they have the Early College Program which provides a great competitive edge for their graduates.
  • Pinnacle recognizes the importance of the teacher as an essential human resource for the implementation of quality education. In line with this, the school employs only the best teachers who have also pursued a Masters and Doctoral degree for further self-improvement.
  • With Pinnacle Academy, you do not need to worry about tuition fees for they offer substantial discounts for an increasing number of enrollees and a referral discount of $500 for every student referred and successfully enrolled in Pinnacle.
  • Other than that, Pinnacle Academy also facilitates the processing of the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) for students who definitely need financial assistance.


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My child has been going to Pinnacle last three years and has advanced tremendously academically. They follow a very well structured program and makes the child reach his/her full potential by identifying their strengths accurately and working on their weakness.

John Doe

A Parent

It feels good knowing that we have a network of fantastic teachers, administrators, and staff members who continue to help us to raise our children to be a successful, confident, and friendly young man.

Alexis Jones

5th Grade

From the day our son started the school he was happy in every way. The progress we have seen in him in the last four months in every area of learning is excellent.​

Jenet & Mesfin

Kindergarten Parents


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