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Pinnacle Academy is a nonprofit, accredited, independent STEAM school
from Preschool - 12th grade, focused on Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts and Math.

Pinnacle Academy is a nonprofit, accredited, private STEAM school from Preschool - 12th grade nestled in Northern Virginia


Pinnacle Academy offers a rigorous curriculum with top-notch resources.
  • Small class sizes
  • Chromebooks & technology  in classrooms
  • Math & science concentrations
  • Algebra 1 and Computer Science starting in 6th grade
  • Early foreign languages


Pinnacle Academy provides a wide array of activities to enhance student learning opportunities.
  • Weekly after-school clubs
  • School-wide science fairs & science exploration days
  • Multi-grade computer, English, & math competitions
  • Local & out-of-state field trips
  • SAT courses


Pinnacle Academy boasts of a highly motivated staff dedicated to the school community.

  • Qualified professionals
  • Home visits
  • After-school office hours for students & parents
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Teacher-sponsored after-school clubs


Pinnacle Academy encourages students to challenge themselves through academic competitions.
  • Future City & First Lego League (FLL)
  • MathCounts & AMC8
  • National Geographic, Spelling & History Bee
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Science Olympiad


Pinnacle Academy encourages students to challenge themselves through academic competitions.













Reston is a small city located within Fairfax, Virginia. Generally, it is a great place to live and work for it is highly accessible and plenty of places to hang out with friends and families. You would see a few mini bars, dining places, public parks, lakes, and other spots to chill.

The people there are very friendly and the place is fairly safe to live in. Aside from that, Reston offers excellent quality of education for its learners, both for private and public schools.

In 2018 to 2019, there are around 18 prominent private schools in Reston, Virginia which accommodates 1,861 students in various grade levels. From the overall population, 60 percent is coming from ethnic minority groups. Likewise, the teacher to student ratio is 1:11, which means the teacher can give plenty of time to supplement each student.

Enrolling in the public school is a good option but the huge population of students may affect the learning curve of your child. Consequently, teachers might not be able to provide enough time for each student for it will make them less efficient.

This scenario is one main reason why several parents are slowly transferring their kids to private schools so that teachers can provide enough time to supplement each student.

Affordable Private Schools in Reston, Virginia

The number of private schools near Reston is quite few and Pinnacle Academy is one of the credible academic institutions offering quality education at an affordable cost.

Pinnacle recognize that expensive tuition fee is one of the major hindrances for parents to send their kids off to private schools. Considering this one, Pinnacle Academy implements various discount strategies for parents to save from tuition fees.

In general, Pinnacle offers four ways for students and parents to avail of great discounts.

  • The first discount option applies for every one additional student enrolled in their school. Starting from the second student enrolled, the discount automatically applies. The discount given range between 5 to 17 percent.
  • The second discount applies when the student enrolls not later than the 28th of February. The discount given range between 7 to 9 percent.
  • The third is a referral discount of $500 for every student referred to Pinnacle and can successfully enroll. 
  • The last one is the assistance provided by Pinnacle Academy for student’s application process for the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST).

These financial aid strategies provides a friendlier option for parents to avail of excellent quality education in Pinnacle. With this, your children have a greater chance of experiencing the fun and dynamic curriculum of Pinnacle Academy in preparing graduates for the real world.

Private Elementary Schools in Reston, Virginia

The number of private elementary schools in Reston is quite few compared to other places in the United States. In 2018 to 2019, approximately there are 14 private elementary schools for its residents to choose from.

The teacher to student ratio is still quite small (1:10) which means students are provided ample assistance in their learning experience. This is good in reassuring learning absorption and retention among learners.

In terms of cultural diversity in student population, around 60 percent of the overall population are from ethnic minority groups. Amazingly, this does not compromise student collaboration and unity in Reston.

Private STEAM Elementary Schools Reston, Virginia

The increasing demand for innovative solutions and inventions in the industry moved a huge population of schools from elevating the STEM curriculum to STEAM. The former is quite stiff in nature and so there is a need to inject creativity which is provided by Arts.

In line, Pinnacle Academy is one of the known private schools to implement the STEAM curriculum. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is a step higher than the existing STEM educational curriculum for it goes beyond principle – it aims for creative and innovative application of learning.

Pinnacle Academy aims to produce graduates that can effectively make huge contributions to the welfare and advancement of society. With the STEAM curriculum, learners are trained more to become creative and critical thinkers.

Private Middle School Reston, Virginia

Pinnacle Academy understands the importance of middle school in bridging the learning between elementary and high school. Consequently, they employ a rigid and worthwhile learning experience for all learners in their school.

In order to this, Pinnacle offers the standard subjects offered in most private schools which include Algebra I, Social Studies, Earth and Life Sciences, Foreign Languages (Turkish and Spanish), Computer Science, Arts, and English.

Likewise, in order to strike a balance between academics and technical skills, Pinnacle also implements highlight courses in its curriculum. These courses include Project Lead the Way (PLTW), National Merit Honor Society, Computer Science, and more activities to exercise other practical skills of the learners.

Moreover, in order to make learning more concrete and experiential, Pinnacle employs appropriate educational materials in the teaching process. They also incorporate trending online applications and softwares to supplement learning.

What’s next after their middle school?

The unique thing about Pinnacle is also their Early College Program in replacement of the regular high school. 

This program aims to allow their learners to experience what college education feels like. Aside from that, there are other benefits to gain from this Early College Program which places their graduates ahead from others.

Pinnacle Academy partners with Northern Virginia Community College in implementing this unique program. Students must comply with the necessary requirements to be able to join the said program.

To further understand the benefits of this Early College Program, here are its perceived advantages.

Advantages of the Early College Program

  • Provides a worthwhile opportunity to experience college education
  • When students perform best in this program, it becomes an indispensable asset in college admission and availing scholarships
  • Provides a good training ground for college achievement exams such as SAT

Private Preschool Reston, Virginia

In Reston, Virginia, there are around 16 private academic institutions present for school year 2018 to 2019. It is quite a small number compared to the number of private schools in other states.

The teacher to student ratio is 1:12 which means the former has more time to assist all students in areas showing needs for improvement. Meanwhile, there is great cultural diversity for around 60 percent of the overall student body are coming from ethnic minority groups.

Preschool might be the first stage of every student’s journey in learning but it has greater flexibility due to lack of structure compared to kindergarten. A fun, active and dynamic learning strategies are employed at this grade level.

Private Kindergarten Reston, Virginia

Next to Preschool is Kindergarten where is the start of a structured and formal education for any learner. Here, students practice routines and learns the basic subjects  as the foundation of learning.

Similar to Preschool, a fun, active and dynamic teaching strategy is employed in this grade level because of the learner’s short attention span. The age bracket of the learners in this level is 3 to 6 years old.

Kindergarten plays a critical role for the child’s ability to learn effectively upon entering the elementary level of education. Likewise, it also serves as a good foundation for the child’s value system development.

Best Private Preschool Reston, Virginia

Pinnacle Academy is one of the prominent private schools near Reston, Virginia. Being an excellent environment for learning does not happen overnight. Pinnacle established credibility and excellence over the years.

There are several things to admire from this academic institution and the best thing about it is being an effective and cost-efficient private school. Pinnacle’s STEAM curriculum and Early College Program are one of its major competitive advantages against the high-end and very expensive private schools.

Aside from having a conducive learning environment, they also have the best teachers to handle your children’s learning. Majority of their teachers have Masters and Doctoral degrees which ensures competent teaching.

To understand more, here are the benefits provided by Pinnacle Academy to its students:

  • Implementation of STEAM education which provides a holistic development for their learners.
  • Implementation of the Early College Program which provides an excellent learning experience and competitive advantage to their learners.
  • Different discount strategies to assist students and parents regarding financial concerns for tuition fees
  • Dynamic and proactive teaching strategies employed by their competent teachers


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My child has been going to Pinnacle last three years and has advanced tremendously academically. They follow a very well structured program and makes the child reach his/her full potential by identifying their strengths accurately and working on their weakness.

John Doe

A Parent

It feels good knowing that we have a network of fantastic teachers, administrators, and staff members who continue to help us to raise our children to be a successful, confident, and friendly young man.

Alexis Jones

5th Grade

From the day our son started the school he was happy in every way. The progress we have seen in him in the last four months in every area of learning is excellent.​

Jenet & Mesfin

Kindergarten Parents


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