Speaker Series: Over-Thinking & Under-Doing: Get Out of Your Head & Into Action to Turn Ideas to IMPACT


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How often, and how much, do you over-think an idea and not put your thoughts into action? Clients tell Sylvia three reasons this happens to them: (1) they have too many ideas and no focus on any, (2) they’re too focused on one idea and unable to let it go, or (3) they’re unsure of how open their organization is to new ideas and what resources are available for them to implement their ideas. Some lack ideas for solutions or time to implement them. Do any of these sound familiar to you?
Sylvia Henderson, author of “Hey, That’s MY Idea! How to Speak Up and Be Recognized for What You Know and Think” and branded as the Idea Implementation Expert will share with you:
1. Three key questions to ask that generate ideas for profit and purpose,
2. A system for getting out of your head and into action with your ideas so you stop over-thinking and under-doing, and
3. Resources for you to turn your dreams into dollars, concepts into cash, and ideas into income and IMPACT©.

Sylvia works with leaders to focus, implement growth strategies, and be in intentional action to build businesses and leave legacies. With an MBA degree and over 40 years of corporate training, leadership and management experience and business ownership, Sylvia partners with clients on strategy and implementation, developing engagement and retention programs and increasing their business development opportunities. An author of multiple books, her most-current is co-authored with her MindTeam Solutions, Inc. business partner and friend, Josh Silverstone, titled “Internal Masterminds: How Smart Talent Leaders Create Engagement and Pivot Organizational Culture.”

On a personal note, Sylvia is a Girl Scout life member and leadership trainer, rides a motorcycle and roller coasters, likes anything Star Trek™, and spends time with friends and her life partner in the Washington DC metro area.


Jun 05 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Pinnacle Speaker Series