Led by Mr. Yilar and Ms. Saran, the Future City Competition, open to 6th through 8th grade, is for our future engineers. Team members this year included Medhnaa, Celil, Melih, Kushaan, Mert, Ahmed, and Fetin.

The Future City competition is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) program. Future City uses the engineering design process as a framework to guide students through the creation of their cities. Within this framework, students apply specific project management methods to keep their projects on track. Students spend four months building cities that exist at least 100 years in the future and represent the team’s solution to a citywide sustainability issue. The competition is made up of five project deliverables.

The Pinnacle Academy Future City team designed a city named Amistoso Mayor, located in South Carolina, uniquely designed to accommodate people from all age groups. The city makes use of eco-friendly, highly efficient design and engineering feats while employing complex technologies to serve the special needs of its residents.

Amistoso Mayor won the Outstanding City Essay award, Most Futuristic Ground Transportation, and 2nd place overall in the Mid-Atlantic region, awarded by the Institute of Transportation Engineers, on January 20, 2018.

Pinnacle Academy is immensely proud of the Future City team’s hard work.